TWEETS: Joe Brolly continues his tirade against Sports Psychologists online

The GAA pundit penned an article about the subject at the weekend

TWEETS: Joe Brolly continues his tirade against Sports Psychologists online

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The reaction to Joe Brolly's article targeting sports psychology, has been largely divided. 

Some agree with his argument that sport is being contaminated by 'absurd self-help gurus' peddling concepts that, according to Brolly, play puck with his 'bullshitometer.'

Others however, took umbrage with Brolly's statements promting sports writer Kieran Shannon to compose a response to Brolly's hypothesis in the Irish examiner. After recognising Brolly's accuracy in outlining that 'there is a lot of bullshit touted out there' by 'cash-in opportunists and spoofers and supposed self-help gurus,' he proceeded to identify the shortcomings of Brolly's article. 

Shannon, like many others, was left disenchanted by Brolly's scathing attack on Enda McNulty, the reputed sports psychologist.

On behalf of McNulty, Shannon wrote:

'The most obvious and appalling was the personal and professional attack on Enda McNulty. In certain sport psychology circles, there are folk who would have been delighted to see the former Armagh player knocked off his perch just as much as they would have been seething that Brolly had tarred the whole discipline with the one brush. There is considerable jealousy, professional or otherwise, of McNulty.'

But despite the wave of criticism heaving Brolly's way, the former All-Ireland winner is committing to his principles and has resumed his attack on the sports psychology industry with a few choicest tweets mocking the language used by sports psychologists.