Repossessions – too many, or too few?

Week after week we read headlines and emotional stories about a “tsunami of repossessions” of family homes. We’re led to believe that thousands of families each year are being evicted by bailed out banks and vulture funds. But is that the reality? For over a year now, industry experts like Brendan Burgess, Karl Dieter, Dan O’Brien and Seamus Coffey and most recently the ESRI have been arguing that Ireland’s repossession rates are quite low and that bank customers, mortgage holders and depositors are paying a high price for that.

In studio,

Brendan Burgess, founder of the consumer website Ask About

Seamus Coffey, Lecturer in Economics UCC.

David Langwallner, barrister and head of the Irish Innocence Project.

Ossian Smyth, Green Party Councillor in Dun Laoighre.

Barry McDonald,  Managing Director of REA McDonald, a family-run auctioneering firm with over 40 years experience.