The Housing crisis.

This week, Tom Stokes in Navan, Co. Meath moved his partner and his 2 children out of their emergency accommodation and into a council house that was boarded up, but fully decorated and functioning. For some it highlighted how apparent bureaucracy creates housing bottlenecks, For others, that media hysterics over individual cases distort the complex causes of the housing crisis.

Is the problem as bad as we think, and what creative and practical solutions could get us out of the mess.

Joining us this week are,

Dr Lorcan Sirr, Lecturer in housing at DIT.

Karl Dieter, from the Irish Mortgage Brokers Association. 

Dermot Lacey, Dublin City Labour Party Councillor.

Valerie O’Sullivan, Director of Housing with Cork City Council.

Dr Donal McManus, CEO of the Irish Council for social housing.