Parkinson v Heffernan: It's On

The Off the Ball presenter and World Champion are to meet in a one-mile race

Parkinson v Heffernan: It's On

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Ali v Foreman, Nicklaus v Palmer, Federer v Nadal and now Parkinson v Heffernan. The challenge has been set for what could be the sporting rivalry of 2016. 

On Tuesday night's Off the Ball, Rob Heffernan was in studio with Joe talking about his preparations ahead of the Rio Olympics and hopes for receiving a bronze medal from the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

When speaking to Joe, Heffernan revealed that certain athletes were walking six-minute miles during races, something with was hard to comprehend for Colm Parkinson.

The former Laois footballer then proclaimed that "there's no walker that will ever beat me in a mile race. I'll put money that Rob Heffernan wouldn't beat me." 

After hearing about Parkinson's challenge, Heffernan's agent Derry McVeigh accepted the challenge on behalf of the Cork walker.