"Most days I get out of bed and I'm overwhelmed by sadness..." - The hidden depths of David Feherty

Off The Ball's Joe Molloy tees off this week's Golf Weekly about a smart, humorous and deep -thinking commentator

David Feherty, golf

David Feherty (Ross Dettman/AP Images for Golf Channel)

Take the following quotes from David Feherty, once of these shores, now a proud American citizen and the hottest property in golf coverage:

"I'm bipolar. Most days, I get out of bed and I'm overwhelmed by sadness -- and that's before I see myself naked. With my condition, I don't really have tremendous highs or enormous lows. What helps is I'm on a cocktail [of medication]. I don't like taking it, because you just feel hollow, but it's necessary, and it sure beats the alternative."

These were comments he made recently in Golf Magazine. I always admire someone who can articulate their life perspective so eloquently and honestly, without fear of judgement or repercussion. When said person also happens to be the funniest commentator in golf, then you've got a special mix.

Feherty is up for discussion on today’s Golf Weekly podcast after his NBC debut in Phoenix last week. He has spent the previous 19 years with the CBS crew, consisting of Jim Nantz, Peter Kostis and latterly Nick Faldo. The NBC cast includes Johnny Miller, the best golf commentator full-stop, and already golf fans are looking forward to their on-air dynamic.

We also look forward to the AT&T Pro Am event at Pebble Beach.

One other note. Next week Golf Weekly will not come to you in podcast form on a Thursday, but instead LIVE on the radio on Sunday 21st February at 5pm. Exciting times. We’re taking advantage of an FA Cup weekend, meaning no Premier League commentary, as is the norm on Off the Ball Sundays. Looking forward to it. We’ll catch you then!

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