Lar Corbett has some strong words about Babs Keating and "negativity"

Recently retired Tipperary hurling star chats to Off The Ball about highs and lows

Lar Corbett, Tipperary, hurling

Lar Corbett ©INPHO/Cathal Noonan

It was an end of an era for one Tipperary player last month as 2010 All-Ireland final hero Lar Corbett announced his retirement.

Tonight, the 2010 Hurler of the Year joined us on Off The Ball to reflect on a 15-year senior inter-county career and one area which he shared some insight on were the managers he played for - namely Babs Keating and Eamon O'Shea.

On the former, the 34-year-old he admitted that he knew from the very beginning that Babs was not the man for the job as he responded to Babs suggestion on last week's show that Corbett never trained as a result of injury problems.

"Anything that he said in front of the dressing room when I was listening, it just didn't sound legit, didn't sound real, didn't sound believable," said Corbett. 

"Every single time that I hear him talk it's negativity about a Tipperary player so it's tough to listen to. Plus we were the laughing stock then for the few years."

He also chatted about how he went from the nickname of 'One Point Larry' to becoming an elite level goalscorer, crediting former Tipp boss Eamon O'Shea for his positive influence.

"To me, he was the one that got me to move as an individual but got everybody else to move collectively together then as well. He was the mind behind every time I made a run, why did I make a run. He was able to challenge your mind," he said.