Raising awareness of autism: Newstalk Breakfast meets those affected

Ben and Eleanor talk about daily life with the condition

For the month of April, several organisations have been raising awareness about autism.

Roughly 45,000 people in Ireland have some sort of Autism and can be affected by the condition in different ways.

Newstalk Breakfast went out around Dublin city with Ben Rowsome and Eleanor Roscuro to find out how the condition affects them.

Ben is a 15-year-old preparing for the Junior Certificate - and Eleanor is aged 20 and studying drama in DIT.

Newstalk.com's Chris Donoghue began by talking to Eleanor about why public transport can be difficult for her.

Adam Harris is the founder of the website asiam.ie, which is an information portal for those who want to learn more.

He told Newstalk Breakfast that understanding the condition for the public and businesses is essential.