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Man receives suspended sentence for shaking baby son

He had asked to be sent home & excluded from Ireland

Man receives suspended sentence for shaking baby son
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Jack Quann
13:11 Tuesday 13 November 2012

A 30-year-old Saudi Arabian dental technician has received a 3-year suspended sentence after admitting that he assaulted his 3.5 months old son.

The incident happened on August 4th last year soon after he moved to Ireland with his wife and child.

When the infant was brought by his father to Temple Street Hospital in Dublin doctors saw signs of shaken baby syndrome.

Scans showed acute bleeding on the child"s brain.

Asked what was wrong the man said his son had been very irritable and then had become pale and lethargic in his arms and that he had shaken him to try and revive him.

Mother wants family reunited

When questioned further doctors and social services were unconvinced when the man blamed climate change, plane trips and an incident with his brother back in Saudi Arabia for the symptoms.

The infant is now well again and is in Saudi Arabia with his mother who wants the family to be reunited.

His lawyers asked for the man to be sent home and excluded from Ireland.

However Judge Martin Nolan has opted to impose a 3-year suspended sentence.

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