Newstalk - Going to the cinema? Here’s your ‘etiquette’ guide on how to behave…

Going to the cinema? Here’s your ‘etiquette’ guide on how to behave…

A UK cinema chain’s compiled an etiquette guide for its customers, after a poll revealed more than half of film fans get annoyed by people talking during movies.

Going to the cinema? Here’s your ‘etiquette’ guide on how to behave…
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Sandra Roche
12:24 Tuesday 13 November 2012

Other common gripes include people rustling their popcorn and putting their feet on the chairs.

Empire Cinemas say 15% complained the biggest problem was public displays of affection once the lights had gone down.

The Empire Cinemas Etiquette Guide:

1. Keep talking to a minimum; save the chat for after the film

2. Enjoy your treats quietly; keep rustling to a minimum

3. No PDA’s; keep public displays of affection until after the film

4. No mobile phones; keep all mobile phone use until after the film including texting, social networking and internet surfing.

5. Keep feet off chairs; remember your fellow cinema-goers have to sit in them

6. Don’t disturb your fellow cinema goers; arrive on time/no getting up to go to the toilet

7. No removing of shoes; keep your foot odour confined to your shoes

8. No littering; take your leftovers with you and no popcorn fights

9. No plot spoilers; don’t ruin the movie ending for others by posting on social media

10. Allocated seating; no sitting in other peoples pre-booked seats

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