Newstalk - The Liverpool stadium shirt – The worst piece of football clothing…ever?

The Liverpool stadium shirt – The worst piece of football clothing…ever?

Another Anfield purchase to regret

The Liverpool stadium shirt – The worst piece of football clothing…ever?
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Eoin Brennan
15:11 Monday 5 November 2012

Football clubs sell a lot of crap. From dog bowls to tacky ornaments and every imaginable shape of key ring and fridge magnet in between. If you can fit a crest on it then you can sell it, or at least try to sell it, to the visiting tourists in the club megastore.

But surely even football clubs must have a line they dare not cross?

It seems Liverpool, at least, don’t.

Thanks to the Dirty Tackle blog for spotting this fashion monstrosity, available from the official Liverpool store. It’s the new LFC Stadium shirt and it combines the classic style staple of a short sleeve, button down shirt with the timeless effect of a wraparound, screen printed stadium image to hold it all together.

At a price of £40 this shirt could soon join the long list of regrettable purchases made at Anfield in recent years.

We’re not ashamed to admit we really, really want to know how many people buy this.

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