12:00 Thursday 31 July 2014

Happy Birthday David Norris!

The senator and human rights campaigner turns 70 today. Listen back to his interview with Newstalk Breakfast

The senator and civil rights campaigner David Norris turns 70 today. This milestone comes not long after a life-saving liver transplant to combat a cancerous growth that was discovered there.

The good news is that the senator is on the mend and is back in action, having tabled a motion for the Seanad to debate the escalating crisis in Gaza, which is due to take place later today.

He sat down with Newstalk Breakfast's Chris Donoghue a few days ago, over a cup of tea and some biscuits, to talk about his cancer treatment, transplant scares, gay rights and a career in public life.

You can listen back to the whole interview below: 


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Dan Flanagan
12:00 31 Jul 2014
Dan Flanagan

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