VIDEO: Transport Minister to proceed with "real caution" over Aer Lingus bid

Pascal Donohoe also says protests outside homes of...

2 hours ago

From concept to chemist: Meet some of Ireland's human guinea pigs

Reporter Kieran Cuddihy looks at how new medical treatments are developed in Ireland and what kind of people volunteer to be human guinea pigs...

3 hours ago

'An asteroid hitting Dublin wouldn't be that big a deal'

AUDIO: The rock will miss us by more than 700,000 miles

11 hours ago

Want to take a train to Dublin Airport? It might happen soon

Irish Rail has revealed plans for a train for the first time

12 hours ago

We're still downloading illegal TV shows in huge numbers

AUDIO: Content on non-TV devices accounted for some 14% last year

3 days ago

Fresh talks in Junior Cycle dispute next week

Teachers staged a second one-day strike today over the proposed reforms to the Junior Cycle

4 days ago

Irish Farmers Association re-doubles efforts to promote farm safety

Last year 30 people were killed on farms in Ireland

4 days ago

European Central Bank expected to announce massive debt-buying plan

AUDIO: The ECB could spend up to €50bn a month on their quantitative easing programme

4 days ago

Man in 30s charged in connection with fatal stabbing of Dun Laoghaire woman

AUDIO: Jane Braidwood died following an attack in her home

5 days ago

VIDEO: Main parties welcome wording of marriage equality referendum

AUDIO: The referendum will be held in May alongside a proposal to lower the age for contesting the Presidency

5 days ago

Taoiseach makes 11th hour appeal for teachers to call off strike

Almost 350,000 students are being forced to stay at home

5 days ago

Environmental Protection Agency says water for almost one million people at risk of...

The report recommends priority improvements

6 days ago

He may seem like a reformer but Pope Francis is still condemning artificial birth-control

He also said birth control ban doesn't mean you have to "breed like rabbits"

6 days ago

VIDEO: New Irish anti-terror laws to be ready 'within weeks'

Talks in Brussels also moved for closer ties with the Middle East

6 days ago
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