Best of Alive and Kicking

Join Dr. Ciara Kelly on Newstalk's health and wellbeing show for advice about all aspects of healthy living

Alive and Kicking is Newstalk’s new health and wellbeing show hosted by Dr. Ciara Kelly. Covering a wide variety of health related issues, Alive and Kicking will be more than an extension of the GP surgery. It will bring you advice on all aspects of healthy living. From how much sleep you really need to how to train without injuring yourself. 

It will bust medical myths and explore the truth behind the lifestyle surveys dominating the tabloids. It will also bring you the latest information about medical discoveries and innovations and tell you what technology is being developed to help you live a healthier life.

High profile guests will share their health stories and we will be out and about living a day in the life of some of Ireland’s best known celebrities.