Kerry AFL player responds to Tomás Ó Sé's criticism of Tadhg Kennelly

Ó Sé criticised Kennelly for scouting AFL talent in Ireland

Kerry AFL player responds to Tomás Ó Sé's criticism of Tadhg Kennelly

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Aspiring AFL talent Mark O'Connor from Kerry, has spoken out in defence of Tadhg Kennelly for his work for the AFL.

In response to an article criticising Kennelly, O'Connor posted a message on Twitter, saying he was 'disappointed that people can't see the positive impact that Tadhg has had on my life.'

Former Kerry footballer Tomás Ó Sé claims that there is growing unrest in Kerry regarding Kennelly's work as an International Talent Co-Ordinator for the AFL, which is leading to young GAA players dropping their sport to head for Australia.

In his article for the Irish Independent, he wrote that he respects Kennelly and has no desire to have any conflict with the man he won an All-Ireland with in 2009. But he did admit, that he 'hates' what he's doing:

"Worse, as things stand, we have zero protection against Australian clubs coming over here and cherry-picking our best young players."

"But, the bottom line, I want the best young Kerry players to stay at home. To follow their dreams here, not on the far side of the planet."

He also wrote that 'there are people in Dingle heartbroken that Mark O'Connor is gone' to link up with AFL club Geelong, who he made his debut appearance for last weekend.

O'Connor's full response to Ó Sé reads: