Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo to retire

Romo had been expected to move to another team this summer

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo to retire

Picture by: Max Faulkner/Zuma Press/PA Images

Tony Romo is set to announce his retirement from American Football.

One of the most famous players in the NFL, Romo spent his whole career at the Dallas Cowboys, joining the team in 2003 as an undrafted free agent.

Romo was the face of 'America's Team' for the majority of the last decade, but has struggled in recent seasons with injuries. Ahead of last season, Romo broke a vertebra in a pre-seoson game, but never regained his spot.

Dak Prescott, the rookie quarterback replaced Romo, but impressed so much in the opening weeks, the 36-year-old Romo's days were numbered.

At the end of the season, he played one regular season match, playing four snaps against the Philadelphia Eagles.

ESPN have reported that despite interest from the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans, Romo is to retire and move immediately into broadcasting. 

Romo's health was one of the reasons behind his decision. Having being injured for the majority of two of the three previous seasons, ESPN claim he felt the time was right to step back.

Despite never leading the team to a badly wanted Super Bowl, the four-time Pro Bowl player will go down as one of the best undrafted players in the modern era.