Conflicting banners fly over Arsenal game today

One banner called for Wenger to be refused another contract while the other supported him.

Conflicting banners fly over Arsenal game today

Image: Arsenal News Twitter.

The fraught situation at Arsenal manifested itself once again today.

Before suffering a 3-1 defeat away to West Brom, the divided opinion on Arsene Wenger surfaced on banners flying over The Hawthorns stadium.

Fans have repeatedly called for Wenger's resignation, and a small plane carrying a banner behind it, displayed another message to illustrate their discontent.

Spectators watched overhead as the banner stating: 'No contract. #WengerOut,' streamed across the sky.

The frosty relations between Arsenal fans and Wenger was also visible in the crowd. Pockets of supporters displayed various posters demanding for Wenger to leave the club.

Meanwhile, a second plane was also spotted at the ground, carrying a banner which said: "In Arsene We Trust. #RespectAW." 

Two Craig Dawson headers along with a third goal from Robson-Kanu cancelled out an Alexis Sanchez strike, to take all three points and leave Wenger in uncertain territory. 

Shortly after the game, the Frenchman indicated that he is ready to make a decision on his future at the club, said he will announce his plans 'very soon.'