WATCH: Episode 1 of The Toughest Trade

Michael Murphy and Shane Williams swapped code

WATCH: Episode 1 of The Toughest Trade

Photo by Ramsey Cardy/Sportsfile

Michael Murphy and Shane Williams' job swap finally concluded on Monday night, with the broadcasting of the first episode of The Toughest Trade. 

The Donegal captain spent a week in France with Clermont Auvergne, where he took part in a number of challenges including a place-kicking challenge against French international, and a full-contact game against the best of Clermont's academy.

Speaking to ahead of the broadcast, Murphy admitted he was in awe, spending time with some of the best people to play the game.

"I would have always known about players like [Morgan] Parra and [Aurelien] Rougerie. To be sharing a training field, and be alongside them doing drills and game scenarios, you had to pinch yourself to be able to do that."

Williams spent a week in Donegal with Glenswilly, impressing in a challenge match against Convoy, in very testing weather. The Welsh international told that he never played in conditions like it.

"I've played in sleet and snow, but nothing like that. It was bizarre. It was cold and windy going to the game. We changed in the dressing rooms, came out and it was white. You couldn't anything. I was like, 'Whats going on here?'"