Want to own your own island? Run 4.23 at the NFL Combine

Adidas have offered an island to anyone who breaks the 40-yard dash record

Want to own your own island? Run 4.23 at the NFL Combine

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott at the 2016 NFL Combine. Picture by Michael Conroy AP/Press Association Images

The NFL Combine begins on Tuesday in Indianapolis.

The week-long event sees American Football's best college stars compete in a series of physical and mental tests in their bid to become an NFL player. The Combine has been regularly described as an intense week-long interview.

One of the most watched events at the Combine is the 40-yard dash. A player's future career could be defined in the race, where pace is key. Each participant is allowed two runs, in the Combine. The quicker the run, the more impressed the scouts are.

In 2008, future three-time Pro Bowl running-back Chris Johnson ran a record time of 4.24 seconds. It has yet to be beaten.

Adidas has offered Combine participants cash incentives to try and beat Johnson's record. This year they have gone one better, by offering a potential record-breaker their own private island.

There obviously is a catch to the potential giveaway. The record-breaker must wear Adidas boots in the run, to claim the prize.

A one-year endorsement deal with the company is also part of winning the prize, with the player in question having to wear Adidas boots and gloves to claim the prize.

The island will be selected by Adidas, and although no potential locations have been named, the island will not be of a greater value than $1,000,000.

According to privateislandsonline.com, $1million could get the potential winner a 176-acre island in Florida or a 44-acre island in the British Virgin Islands.

If the player wants an island in Ireland, he could buy West Calf Island, just off the Cork coast.