First-ever driverless race ends with a crash

The two-car event took place in Buenos Aires

First-ever driverless race ends with a crash

Photo by: RoboRace/ Twitter

The world of Motorsport entered a new phase last weekend, with the first driver-less race.

Two cars raced around the Formula E circuit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but only one car finished the test event.

Both cars have space for drivers, with neither pod being used in the race. According to Electrek, the winning car reached a top speed of over 180 kilometres per hour.

One of the highlights of the race came when a dog entered the track. A race marshal can be seen waving a yellow flag, exercising caution, but of course there are no drivers in the car. Habits of a lifetime can be difficult to break.

The race came to a premature half when Devbot 2 crashed. Of course, nobody was hurt in the crash, but it did give a headache to the mechanics.

Roborace us an interesting concept, but whether it works or not remains to be seen.