Pool player gives bizarre post-match interview

Naoyuki Oi was very much interviewed on his own terms.

Naoyuki Oi speaking to Sky Sports after his win.

Image: Youtube

Japaneese pool player Naoyuki Oi gave an utterly bizarre post-match interview at the World Pool Masters last night.

After securing a quarter-final spot at the event in Gibraltar, Oi spoke to Sky Sports to reflect on his narrow first-round victory over Cheng Yu-Hsuan.

But it quickly became apparent that this was not going to be an ordinary interview.

Reporter Tony Wrighton began by pointing out that Oi looked to have sealed victory a few racks before he eventually did.

Oi responded by saying:

"Hmm, my name (is) Naoyuki Oi, today very lucky. Congratulations me!"

Brighton tried to maintain his composure, but struggled to keep the giggles in as Oi continued to entertain the crowd with his nonsensical answers. 

To conclude, Brighton asked him if he felt confident enough to go on and win the tournament. 

After a prolonged hum to himself, Oi gleefully replied:

"No problem."

Take a look at the full interview here: