Arsene Wenger "should have gone probably eight years ago"

Former Arsenal striker Stewart Robson was speaking to Newstalk Breakfast

Arsene Wenger "should have gone probably eight years ago"

Picture by John Walton PA Wire/PA Images

Arsene Wenger's time at Arsenal could be entering its final few months.

Calls of Wenger to step aside continue to grow, especially after their 5-1 defeat to Bayern Munich on Wednesday night. The team look set to be eliminated from the round of 16 for the seventh season in a row.

Speaking to Newstalk Breakfast, former Arsenal striker Stewart Robson said Arsenal's performance in Munich was not surprising. "There didn't seem to be a game plan... They crumbled when Bayern Munich went 2-1 up."

"They looked ill-prepared for the match, as if they didn't understand what Bayern Munich were going to do."

Robson feels that the French manager is the root of the problem, and Wenger's methods are stifling the progress of the players.

"It's a lack of structure. You can blame the players, but they have been ill-served by the manager... They are not quite sure what they are meant to be doing."

"Players at Arsenal will always say that Wenger is a top-class manager. He lets them play, is not confrontational and gives them freedom."

Wenger's contract is up at the end of the season. Robson wants the club to move on, but feels they have left it nearly a decade too late.

"I thought he should have gone probably eight years ago. It's going to be very difficult for the next man taking charge, because these are all Arsene Wenger's players."

"I think a new manager coming in would certainly improve them... There are managers out there and coaches out there that could do a good job. but the next one that takes over will have a massive problem on his hands."