WATCH: Tom Brady's trolls NFL boss in post-Super Bowl ad

Brady's fifth ring was the focus, hours after the Patriots won Super Bowl LI

WATCH: Tom Brady's trolls NFL boss in post-Super Bowl ad

Picture by: Shields Health Care/ YouTube

Super Bowl ads can be as popular as the game for certain viewers. 

Millions of dollars are spent by companies to ensure they get the best exposure for their brands. Such is the value of a Super Bowl ad, broadcasters Fox reportedly earned an extra $20million by the game going to overtime.

One Boston-based healthcare company took advantage of Tom Brady's historic fifth win, by using the star in an ad hours after the game. Preparing for an MRI, Brady is asked to take off any jewellery. He is seen taking off his four Super Bowl rings, and is asked if he has anything else.

The 39-year-old takes out a fifth ring from his pocket, claiming; "it's kinda new". When told he may need a bigger locker, Brady simply added "Roger that!", in a not so subtle dig towards NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Goodell banned Brady for four games over the Deflategate scandal. But how was the new ad made so quickly?

It turns out that it is the new version of an ad that was recorded last year. After taking off his four rings, Brady is asked if he has any more. "For now", he simply responds.

Tellingly the original ad was released in October, just after the four-game ban ended, after the Deflategate affair. With the extra time off, Brady would have had a little more time to record ads, for the company.  

It's a risky move to record such an ad, so far away from the Super Bowl, but it showed the confidence of Brady and his sponsors. Roger that!