"Always wear clean underwear": PGA Tour golfer strips down to make a shot in California

Gonzalo Fdez-Castaño was knee deep in water making his second shot to the green on the ninth hole

Gonzalo Fdez-Castaño

Image: PGA Tour

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

When it throws up difficulties, people say you should make the best of a bad situation and keep moving forward. A lot of the time golf can be like this.

Gonzalo Fdez-Castaño knows this all too well. The Spaniard was competing at the CareerBuilder PGA Tour event in California over the weekend and was handed the most unenviable of lies on the ninth hole.

With the ball managing to stay out of the water on his  second shot on approach to the green, it nestled neatly in the long grass and forced Fdez-Castaño to go to some extraordinary measures to make a shot.

The water, as well as being cold, was fairly deep. The shoes? Well, they'll have to come off. Socks? Absolutely. The trousers? Unfortunately for this situation, they'll have to come off too.

With the water as deep as it was, Fdez-Castaño faced thigh-high levels of discomfort and had to get down to his undergarments to make his shot. Thankfully, it came off and he found the green.

"Always wear clean underwear when going to the doctor - or the PGA Tour, as you might end up pulling off your pants on national television!" he wrote on Twitter after his round.