Caroline Wozniacki hits back at Rory McIlroy's comments about life since their break-up

McIlroy made the comments in an interview with Paul Kimmage

Caroline Wozniacki hits back at Rory McIlroy's comments about life since their break-up

Ben Curtis AP/Press Association Images

Caroline Wozniacki has spoken out against comments made by her ex-partner Rory McIlroy that refer to their previous relationship, in a recent interview.

The pair were engaged before later splitting up in 2014. McIlroy is now engaged to marry Erica Stoll, who is a former PGA America employee. 

McIlroy spoke to Paul Kimmage of the Sunday Independent at length over a two-part interview recently. In part two, McIlroy explained why he feels happier in his life with Stoll and why he didn't experience the same feeling with Wozniacki.

"I could speak to her (Stoll) about anything, we ended up spending a bit of time together and realised that there was something more there. I love that she knows everything about me, and there was no judgement there. There was no judgement from day one, which is huge, because that's very hard to find for someone in my position."

"I thought at the time that being with someone that was in a similar position to you was the obvious answer. But it isn't, because you can never get away from it. You can never detach yourself and try to come back to the real world. And that's why I feel in such a good place now. I don't feel Erica wants to change me in any way. I can be myself around her; there's no bullshit, no acting, no show."

Wozniacki, who is competing at the Australian Open, has criticised McIlroy for the comments he made.

"I saw (those comments) alright, but I do not really have anything to say. Was I surprised? Yes."

"It’s a little dead by now. It’s three years ago, so I don’t understand why he keeps bringing it up. I don’t think there is any reason to."

"He looks like he is a good place in his life, so surely he must move on."