Two friends could turn $300 into $78,000 if the Packers reach the SuperBowl

The duo have bet on eight-straight Packers wins since November

Two friends could turn $300 into $78,000 if the Packers reach the SuperBowl

Picture by Michael Ainsworth AP/Press Association Images

The Green Bay Packers late-season surge has been one of the highlights of the season.

Having won their last eight games, the NFC North champions are now just one win away from SuperBowl LI. On Sunday they are on the road, and meet the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship game.

It all looked so different for the Packers in November though. The team lost four matches in a row, and were 4-6 for the season. That's when two New York friends Brian Yankelevitz and Russ Axelrod decided to make the rest of the season interesting.

They bet $300 on the Packers to beat the Philadelphia Eagles. That 27-13 win was the start of the Packers resurgence and the duo have not looked back since. They have taken the winnings from each match and bet it on the following game. After starting at $300, their bet is now worth over $28,000.

Despite the enormous profit, the duo have told ESPN, that they will not be cashing out. The $28,213.60 has been placed on the Packers to win on Sunday, and if they do, that money will then go on the Packers to beat either the Patriots or Steelers in the SuperBowl.

"It's more about the journey," Yankelevitz admitted. "Texting friends and conversations with friends than winning the bet."

If Sunday's bet is succesful the duo's winnings will increase to $76,176.70.