Sevilla fans were apoplectic over the refereeing in their game against Real Madrid

Real Madrid were 3-0 winners, but two of the goals have come under scrutiny

Mateu Lahoz, referee,

Image: Adam Davy PA Archive/PA Images

Referee Mateu Lahoz has been grabbing plenty of headlines after an eventful game between Sevilla and Real Madrid. 

Zinedine Zidane's side were 3-0 winners on the night in the Copa del Rey round of 16 game, but there were questions raised over two of the goals scored by los blancos

Sevilla fans have claimed that in the run up to the second goal, defender Adil Rami was pushed by Raphael Varane, which stopped him from reaching the ball to clear it. Madrid scored from the resulting corner, while the third goal of the evening came from the penalty spot after Luka Modric took a tumble in the box.

However, the awarding of the spot kick came in for fierce criticism after replays showed that Modric had not been fouled by a Sevilla player, but rather pushed over by James Rodriguez. 

Social media didn't take too kindly to the mistakes, including David Soria, Sevilla's third keeper who tweeted (and has since deleted) "what a disgrace, my God!".

A number of people tweeted images of Lahoz wearing a Real Madrid shirt, while television panelist Cristobal Soria has called it one of the greatest scandals in the history of football.  

Speaking after the game however, manager Jorge Sampaoli was clear that the biggest difference in the game was not made by the man with the whistle, but by the players on the pitch. 

"You can always analyse some action or other from a referee, but I don't do it because sometimes they go against you and other times they go for you [...] the difference was made by Real Madrid and the way they played."