Ian Holloway: Opposition fans need to show respect to struggling managers

Holloway's QPR have lost six games in a row

Ian Holloway: Opposition fans need to show respect to struggling managers

Picture by Adam Davy EMPICS Sport

Ian Holloway remains one of the most fascinating figures in English football.

The 53-year-old, whose unique way with words endeared him to footballing fans, returned to Queens Park Rangers last month, over ten years after he left the club in his spell as manager.

After winning his opening game in his second period as manager, the team have gone on to lose six games in a row. Having joined the club in 17th place, they currently lie in 20th in The Championship. On Tuesday, they lost 3-0 away to Brighton and Hove Albion.

During the loss, Holloway was subjected to chants from the home fans, about his lack of job security. He spoke to BBC after the game, over his disgust at the treatment he received at the AmEx Stadium.

"People think I'm going to get sacked in the morning, well that's nice isn't it? Hope you enjoy your Christmas, and your new year. Why don't you sing something better and something different?" asked Holloway.

As Crystal Palace manager, his side defeated Brighton in the 2013 Championship play-offs. "I didn't mean to beat you in the play-offs. It wasn't my fault was it? So why don't you show a bit of respect?"

"That's football these days. That's life these days. It's all supposed to be instant, isn't it? I've got a load of young lads in [the dressing room] and they got to learn. The senior pros got to teach them what life's all about. Sometimes you do lose".

Despite Holloway's anger at the Brighton fans, he does remain one of the favourites to lose his job in The Championship.