WATCH: Comical defending sees NBA team concede three baskets in less than three seconds

The incident happened on Thursday between the Clippers and Spurs

Three separate baskets, scoring five points, in 2.8 seconds.

That's what the LA Clippers conceded last night in an amazing fourth quarter period. With just over 20 seconds left in the game, the Clippers had a comfortable 11-point lead, but somehow they made a mess of the situation, letting the Spurs back in with an opportunity to win.

It all started with a Paul Gasol free throw with 20.6 seconds left on the clock. Gasol scored again 1.8 seconds later. Wesley Johnson's attempted pass was intercepted by Kyle Anderson, who passed to the Spaniard to score.

Johnson clearly did not learn his lesson, as from the next re-start, Anderson intercepted once more, scoring the basket himself with 17.8 seconds left, to reduce the gap to 105-99.

The game finished 106-101 to the Clippers, but those final seconds made for uncomfortable, yet hillarious view for fans, depending on your perspective.