Tiger Woods introduces 'Mac Daddy Santa' to the World

The golfer claims it's a Christmas tradition

Tiger Woods introduces 'Mac Daddy Santa' to the World

Picture by: Tiger Woods/ Twitter

Tiger Woods may live to rue the day he introduced 'Mac Daddy Santa' to the World. 

The golfer revealed, what can only be assumed to be an alter-ego on Twitter on Thursday evening. He claims it's a "Christmas tradition that my kids love".

While it may be a tradition in the Woods household, the sight of the 40-year-old will live long in the memory of golf fans. If Woods walks up the 18th on the Sunday of the Masters, with a chance of winning, you will be guaranteed the sight of the Mac Daddy will make an appearance on social media.

After his well-publicised issues in recent years, the golfer finally seems to be opening up to the public, when many would have expected him to be winding down. Has he left it too later to finally show off his personality?

Woods returns to action on the PGA Tour at the Genesis Open in Los Angeles at the Riviera CC. 'Mac Daddy' could well become the new 'mashed potato' of 2017.

The internet has already had its fun at Woods' expense. Don't expect that to change any time soon.