WATCH: Playing golf on an icy lake? Bad idea!

One golfer found out the perils of playing on a frozen pond

Fairways and bunkers! That's where golf should be played. Not on ice.

Golf in winter can be tough. Courses are far from their pristine best as frosty conditions make playing tough.

One golfer went above and beyond, to walk onto a frozen lake to play an errant shot. Any other time of year he would have being playing a drop shot, but in frozen conditions he was able to play the ball as it lay.

When being taught how to swing a club, icy conditions are never part of the equation. That showed, as the unnamed golfer slipped in the middle of his swing, falling to the ice and missing the ball altogether,

He then fell into the lake, losing his ball in the process! From trying to not lose a shot, he got soaked and lost his ball in the process, adding insult to injury.