WATCH: Chapecoense crash survivor Alan Ruschel leaves hospital

Ruschel was one of the survivors of the crash that claimed the lives of most of his team-mates

Alan Ruschel, Chapecoense,

Image: Alexandre Lozetti/Twitter

The tragic plane crash of LaMia Flight 2933 that claimed the lives of 71 people united the football world in grief recently, as clubs and fans around the world paid tribute to the players and journalists who lost their lives. 

19 stars of the Chapeconese football team died in the disaster when the plane came down over the mountains of Medellin, and only six people survived the crash.

One of those was Alan Ruschel, who recently shared a video to let fans know that he was recovering from his injuries after receiving surgery on his spine to help him to move again. 

On Friday, he was released from hospital and, in an emotional scene, walked under his own power to a car waiting for him outside. 

According to, fellow defender Helio Hermito Zampier Neto is also recovering in hospital from his injuries and is expected to walk again, but has not yet been told what happened to his colleagues and friends in the accident. Jakson Ragnar Follmann, a goalkeeper for the team, has had his right leg amputated as a result of his injuries. 

The club confirmed earlier this week that they will have their first game since the crash on January 29th as they face Inter de Lages in the opening round of the Santa Caterina state championship at their stadium in Chapeco.