James McClean is not happy with Kenny Shiels' comments on international football

The former Derry City winger has played for Ireland since 2012

James McClean is not happy with Kenny Shiels' comments on international football

James McClean playing for Derry City in 2011. Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/Ryan Byrne

James McClean is one of the most outspoken men in Irish football. Derry City manager Kenny Shiels is one of the most outspoken men in the League of Ireland.

When the former Derry City player, decided to speak about Shiels' view on international football, he didn't hold back. McClean remains an avid supporter of The Brandywell team, despite playing in the Premier League for West Brom.

Shiels, who took charge of his hometown team last November, has been one of the more vocal names in the League of Ireland over the last 11 months. His views regularly go against the current, not least those on international football.

Recently, the former Kilmarnock manager was speaking after a game against Dundalk, when he called the Republic of Ireland team, "England reserves". He went on to add that the Northern Ireland team was "England reserves reserves".

Despite the impressive third-placed finish for Derry in the league, McClean has not been impressed with some of Shiels' comments to the media. The Ireland winger began his career at The Brandywell, and remains proud to play for his country.

"I remain a dyed in the wool Derry City fan", McClean told the Derry Journal. "I really enjoyed representing the ‘Candy Stripes’ and to have successfully battled my way through to play international football for my country makes me feel particularly proud."

“What right or what credentials does Kenny Shiels hold to make such ridiculous comments on international football. For me, playing in the Aviva Stadium in Dublin in front of thousands of people and wearing that green jersey means so much to me and my team-mates."

"He said Italians and Scottish people play for Ireland, but so do players such as David Forde, Seamus Coleman, Wes Hoolohan, Stephen Ward, Daryl Murphy and myself, players who graduated through local League of Ireland football... I think Kenny Shiels has done himself no favours with these insulting outbursts regarding international football."

Despite Shiels' view on international football, McClean was delighted with the Derry's finish which guarantees the return of the Europa League to Derry next summer.