One Zero Conference admits they will seek refund from Armstrong, but there won't be one for customers

Those who paid a minimum of €175 with the hope of seeing the disgraced cyclist will not receive any reimbursement

One Zero


One-Zero Sport Tech Conference co-founder Rob Hartnett says that organisers will be seeking reimbursement after disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong pulled out of his public appearance in Dublin.

The Texan, who was the headline draw for the event, pulled out on Thursday evening, with the event set to begin on Friday morning.

Hartnett admitted that money had changed hands, and that the organisers would be seeking a refund for his failure to attend the conference. Speaking on Thursday night's Off The Ballhowever, another of the co-founders Richard Barrett unequivocally stated that, for consumers, there would be no refund.

"Money has been paid and we will be seeking to get that money back," Harnett said on this morning's Pat Kenny Show. "That's as part of terms of the contract, but that's with the lawyers."

Off The Ball's Ger Gilroy, who joined Harnett on the show interjected: "So you'll be getting a refund, but the attendees of the conference can't get a refund?"

"We don't know," replied Hartnett. "This all happened 24 hours ago. So we'll be with lawyers until after the event."

Gilroy pressed him on the issue, however, stating: "The concept of a refund is established. You've established the concept of a refund for you guys, just not for the people who have bought tickets." 

"I don't know, I'm not a lawyer," replied Hartnett.

Speaking to Off The Ball last night, Richard Barret said: "For this to come at the 11th hour, it is disappointing [...] Glastonbury is about more than Beyonce, the One-Zero Conference is about more than Lance Armstrong. There are no refunds. This conference is bigger than Lance."

Tickets for One Zero cost from €175 for a general admission day ticket. Prices rise as high as €475 for Premium Seating, and again to €775 for a VIP ticket, which offers priority seating and VIP events.