"I’ve accepted I’m going to get more" - Tiger Woods reckons he'll surpass 18 major titles in his career

The 14-time major winner is continuing his return to the sport and says he will surpass the record held by Jack Nicklaus

Tiger Woods

Image: CBS

Tiger Woods insists his days of winning majors are not yet over and vowed to surpass Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 major titles before he calls time on his career.

Woods, 40, has not won a major title since the US Open in 2008 and is four shy of equalling the record set by his compatriot.

Speaking to Charlie Rose for an interview which will air CBS on Thursday night, Woods remained certain that not all of his best golf is behind.

"Do you believe you'll get 18 majors," Rose asks.

"To be honest with you, no," he replies.

"You don’t?" Rose continues, before asking: "You’ve accepted that?"

"I’ve accepted I’m going to get more," he says.

During the extract from the interview, Woods talks about his love of winning (more specifically of beating someone else) and what his one regret was from his life.

"You had all the tools, but the mental stuff is so important," he explains. "I mean, you wanted to win, and you wanted to win. And you also didn’t just want to win. You didn’t just want to win that tournament. You wanted to beat the hell out of everybody who was there. That was the mindset that you had. You were a killer.

"Winning was fun. Beating someone’s even better... I’ve always had that. You know, if you win a race, you know, you win a meet by a second or two, it sure feels a lot better if you win it by five or six, you know? Striking four or five guys out. But you know what? Throwing no hitters -- even better."

Of his regrets he admitted: "Well, it’s a burden in the sense that it -- the amount of obligations that I have at a tournament. The anonymity that was lost that, you know, one -- the -- you know, if you look back, the only regret I have in life is not spending another year at Stanford, and I wish I would’ve had one more year.

"All the things I’ve been through are tough, yes. They’ve been tough, but they’ve been great for me, but I wish I would’ve gone one more year at Stanford."