John Giles: How Kante proves you don't need a designated holding midfielder

John admires the Chelsea midfielder's approach to the game

N'Golo Kante, Chelsea

Burnley's George Boyd and Chelsea's NGolo Kante. Picture by: Daniel Hambury / EMPICS Sport

John Giles believes Chelsea and France midfielder N'Golo Kante is the "ideal" defensive midfielder.

John was on Off The Ball when the subject of designated holding midfielders came up.

The former Leeds and Ireland midfielder believes the dynamic way Kante plays shows there is no need for a player who sits in front of the back four but contributes little when on the ball.

"Of course he defends. He gets more tackles in than anybody else," said John of the former Leicester player.

"But he also gets on the ball going forward. Now, he's not great on the ball but he links it up. He doesn't sit back after he's won a tackle. He gets in the game again and obviously the further he is up the field, the more tackles he wins up there.

"But he does get into the game and he contributes. He's a genuine midfield defensive player who always does more than his bit going forward. He's the ideal one. When you see him playing, he was terrific for Leicester and I think he's terrific for France. He is the ideal midfield player of that type in my opinion - not one who just gets a tackle in, knocks it sideways and forgets about it. He gets into the game again and he wins more tackles than anybody else. He's terrific. He's a perfect example that you don't need a designated holding midfield player."