Investigation launched into potential match-fixing at Wimbledon

London based Tennis Integrity Unit was alerted that one match during the competition may have been fixed


Image: John Walton PA Wire/Press Association Images

Authorities are investigating reports of match-fixing which allegedly took place at this year's Wimbledon tournament.

The London-based Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) today announced that it would be investigating the matter after they received an alert that one of the matches may have been subject to match-fixing. 

"Historically, grand slams receive very few match alerts and in keeping with that record, only two were received during the period; one at Wimbledon, the other at the US Open. Both are the subject of routine, confidential investigation by the TIU," they said today in a statement. 

No details have been issued into the match which is under investigation. 

Betting organisations can send alerts on matches if they notice suspicious betting patterns. however they do state that unusual gambling patterns can also be explained by factors other than fixing i.e incorrect odds setting, player fitness, playing conditions and well-informed betting.