Liverpool supporters union set to discuss possibility of safe standing in Anfield with Hillsborough families

Celtic have recently introduced a 2,600-capacity standing section


Image: Dave Howarth / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Liverpool supporters group Spirit of Shankley are set to consult with families of the Hillsborough victims and fans of the club about the possible implementation of a safe standing section in Anfield.

The Guardian report that following discussions at last month's AGM, supporters voted 93% in favour of wanting to adopt a position, while 4.7% were against. The remaining 2.3 % abstained from the vote.

The vote comes after Celtic's recently introduced a 2,600-capacity standing section and whether or not standing sections like this will be introduced in the top two divisions of English football.

Standing remains permitted in League One and Two, but all-seat regulations were introduced into English football by Lord Justice Taylor’s report into the Hillsborough disaster where 96 fans were unlawfully killed and the subject matter remains close to the hearts of people in Liverpool.

LSU members voted unanimously in favour of a proposal for the union to "adopt a position on rail seating and embark on a period of consultation and engagement with supporters to determine what that position is".

Management will now hold public meetings and consult with supporters to clarify their position.

The proposal put to last month’s AGM explained: "There have been ongoing campaigns for the implementation of ‘rail seating’ at football grounds, similar to those often found in Germany. This has been alongside debate about supporters who currently stand in seated areas. It should be recognised and acknowledged that this occurs.

"LSU has never formally adopted a position on ‘rail seating’, ‘safe standing’ or these matters by whichever name it goes by. The debate, in recent months, has moved on, following the implementation of rail seating at Celtic and with football clubs openly discussing the idea. Supporters at other clubs are actively campaigning for the introduction of rail seating. Whilst LSU recognises that opinion amongst our fan base is divided, with supporters and Hillsborough campaigners and groups on both sides of the debate, our stance and opinion on such matters should be one directed by our members."

Via The Guardian