WATCH: Ryder Cup heckler sinks putt to win $100 bet against Team Europe

Safe to say his friends and family will be hearing about this for years to come

Ryder Cup

Image: Twitter

We're just hours away from the start of the Ryder Cup getting underway and on Thursday afternoon, both sides were hard at work putting the final touches on their preparation.

Team US, I'm sure, were diligently practicing their putting on the greens and their driving before the foursomes start on Friday.

Team Europe were out grappling with the greens, but having a little bit of difficulty with the 6th hole in particular. Matters were not helped by the fact the some of the American crowd were playfully heckling. I'm sure they were paying no heed to Danny Willett's brother, Pete, earlier this week.

So, as the professionals struggled to properly judge the distance, speed and line of the putt, one heckler was invited on to the course to see if he could do any better. And to sweeten the deal, Henrik Stenson put $100 down if he could make it.

David Johnson stepped up cool as you like and nailed it.

What a way to get things kicked off. You can expect the crowds to be as raucous as ever this year, but incidents like these go to prove that it's all very much good-natured.