Arsene Wenger believes Sam Allardyce should have chance to defend himself

The Arsenal manager also shared his concerns regarding the issue of third party ownership

Arsene Wenger, Everton, Arsenal,

Image: Mike Egerton / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says third party ownership of players remains a problem for football.

England manager Sam Allardyce is fighting to keep his job after the Daily Telegraph sting where secretly recorded footage appears to show him detailing how to get around transfer rules.

He was filmed talking to undercover reporters who he believed to be businessmen representing a Far East firm and appears to insinuate that third-party ownership rules can be circumvented.

Wenger has no doubt about whether the FA ban on outsiders owning players is right.

"Third party ownership should not be allowed, I have fought against it a long, long time. The club should own 100% of their players," said the Arsenal manager.

Third-party ownership of players was banned by the FA in 2008 and occurs when investment companies take a stake in the economic rights of players. World football's governing body Fifa banned the practice in May last year.

However Wenger believes Allardyce should have the opportunity to give his side of the story.

"You have to let Sam Allardyce defend himself and I just hope he will clear his name," he said.