Chris Froome claims TUE usage is "open to abuse"

The three-time Tour de France winner made a statement on Tuesday morning

Three-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome has said Theraputic Use Exemptions are "open to abuse" by athletes.

In a statement released on Tuesday morning, Froome called on the World Anti-Doping Agency and cycling's World governing body, the UCI to address the situation immediately. 

"It is clear that the TUE system is open to abuse and I believe that this is something that the UCI and WADA needs to urgently address. At the same time there are athletes who not only abide by the rules that are in place, but also those of fair play."

Froome's employers Team Sky have come under scrutiny in recent days over their use of TUEs. Former teammate Bradley Wiggins was the first Briton to win the Tour de France, and his use of TUEs before three successive Tour de Frances has raised suspicion. Those three races include the 2012 edition, when he won.

“I have never had a ‘win at all costs’ approach in this regard", Froome continued in his statement. "I am not looking to push the boundaries of the rules. I believe that this is something that athletes need to take responsibilty for themselves, until more stringent protocols can be put in place."

The 31-year-old has previously used TUEs, but his stance may cause a shift in their perception among the cycling community.