WATCH: Tempers flare during Dodgers' victory over the Giants

Neither side were giving an inch as benches emptied onto the field of play



The LA Dodgers picked up a hard-fought win over archrivals the San Francisco Giants on Monday night, but the game didn't pass without incident. 

The Dodgers drew first blood in the first of a three-game series, running out 2-1 winners, and tempers flared as benches from both teams stormed the field during the game.

Madison Bumgarner, the Giants pitcher, and Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig exchanged words during the seventh inning and as a result both benches and bullpens stormed the field.   

The two have a history of clashing with one another, when Bumgarner took exception to Puig flipping his bat in 2014 after hitting a home run.