WATCH: Sky Sports News reckon Dublin and Mayo drew in the "All-England Final"

The mistake is one of many the station has made covering GAA

The Sky Sports News coverage of the GAA Championships has left a lot to be desired since they started broadcasting games in 2014.

While the match coverage has worked very well, with pundits like Jim McGuinness and Jamesie O'Connor, the coverage on the rolling news channel, has been littered with mistakes.

On Sunday evening, Sky may have produced their biggest faux pas, when introducing a segment on the Dublin-Mayo draw calling it the "All-England Final" in Croke Park.

While the annual Wimbledon tournament takes place at the All-England Club, the main All-England Championship takes place in Badminton.

With the GAA television rights up for tender this winter, it will be interesting to see how the Croke Park hierarchy react to such mistakes.

Presenter Claire Tomlinson has since apologised for the gaffe calling it one of her "worst moments" in 18 years of live TV.