Kevin Kilbane gives us the inside track on what a transfer can be like for players

He used the example of his move to Hull in 2009

Kevin Kilbane, Hull City

Kevin Kilbane during his time at Hull. Picture by: Adam Davy / EMPICS Sport

It's one of the times of year when transfers are completed as clubs, players and agents negotiate over deals and moves away.

Off The Ball co-presenter Kevin Kilbane has experience of moving clubs in the Premier League and he gave us the inside track on what it's like for players.

The 110-time Ireland cap used the example of his transfer from Wigan Athletic to Hull City in 2009.

"It was in the last six months of my contract. It would have been the January transfer window and I had a phonecall from an agent. I didn't use an agent at that time. I hadn't used an agent for probably six or seven years prior to that and I had this call from an agent to say he was representing Hull City and will I fancy moving to Hull? These are the terms, x, y and z, do you fancy it?

"And yeah I did. Then it was down to the clubs to agree the fee. The clubs quickly agreed this fee. Steve Bruce and Phil Brown were managers of Wigan and Hull respectively, and that was it. The deal was done and dusted quite quickly after that."