Kenneth Egan: Absence of Katie Taylor's father from corner is a "massive factor"

It has been a tough Olympics for Ireland's boxing team and Egan gives his thoughts

Katie Taylor, Rio 2016

Ireland's Katie Taylor dejected after losing her fight ©INPHO/Dan Sheridan

Kenneth Egan believes Katie Taylor has not been a "happy camper" in the lead up to her surprise defeat in Rio 2016.

The London 2012 gold medal winner was beaten by Mira Potkonen in the women's lightweight quarter-finals to miss out on a medal.

On Taylor, Beijing 2008 silver medallist Egan examined two issues on Off The Ball

"There have been so many changes over the last number of years with Katie Taylor, with the High Performance, with the coaching and there's so many factors to this loss," he began. 

"Obviously [her] father (Peter Taylor) not being in the corner is a massive factor and that's the elephant in the room that needs to be addressed. I know myself that has a massive effect on her but I don't think anyone's talking about it. She had her father in the corner in London, along with (Interim Head coach) Zaur [Antia], who was there this time around, and I'm sure that's played a massive part in her demise if you like for the last six to eight months where she's tasted defeat three times, which is unheard of for Katie Taylor."

Egan also added that her rivals have improved, while she is four years older than in London. He added that she's "definitely not a happy camper".

But on wider issues in the hierarchy since the departure of Billy Walsh, Egan also believes there is "something missing in the High Performance" unit now.

"It's too much for one man to handle. It's like a poisoned chalice now at this stage and I think they need to bring back in a full-time director and two head coaches on the floor," he said.

"Zaur is trying to man the ship on his own and I just think, it's too much for him."