"These guys are just making sh*t it up as they go" - Mark Hunt hits out at UFC over Lesnar's doping violation

Hunt was beaten by Lesnar at UFC 200, but it has since been revealed that the WWE star failed two out-of-competition doping tests

UFC fighter Mark Hunt has hit out at his employers over the news Brock Lesnar's second failed out-of-competition drugs test and has demanded to be given Lesnar's half of the fight purse for their UFC200 main event bout.

News broke today that Lesnar failed a second test and Hunt has strongly condemned both the organisation and Lesnar himself.

"These guys have lined their pockets with our blood if you ask me," he said in an interview with MarkHunt.tv. "I mean they deserve to get paid no doubt, they took the UFC from nothing into what it is today, but come on, most of the guys fighting, get paid nothing and have no benefits.

"If you ask me there needs to be a system where they at least run things past the fighters before making these decisions and the fighters can look out for each other. We need an association where we can have our voices heard. We are massive reason why fans watch the sport and we risk our health to do it."

Hunt continued by citing the need for a fighters association so that incidents like these can be met with a unified response by the fighters.

"I’m not worried about the UFC. Shucks, I’ve been fighting my whole life. Fighting to survive in my home, to the ring and now cage. These guys didn’t even want me in the UFC but here I am. I’m not scared of them.

"I’m not sure what its like in the states, but in Australia workers stick together to make sure their voice is heard. Lots of guys have talked about this, but someone needs to make this happen and I’m happy for it to be me."

He slammed the UFC and claimed that they were "making it up" as they went along, citing Conor McGregor's withdrawal from the UFC200 main event as one of many times the organisation had taken action against its fighters.

"The way I see it, the Brock Lesnar doping thing is just another reason why we need a fighter’s association. These guys are just making up the rules as they go.

"First the Reebok thing, then Brock’s 4 month testing exemption. Conor gets pulled off a card for not going to a press conference that me or Brock didn’t go to anyway. Work that out. There’s probably a heap of others."

You can read the full interview here.