Kevin Moran is in little doubt as to whether GAA players are fitter than their Premier League counterparts

The former Dublin and Manchester United player has watched both games change a lot in the last 30 years

Kevin Moran is in little doubt as to how fit GAA players are nowadays and believes that, without doubt, they are fitter than soccer players in the Premier League.

Moran, who left Dublin to sign with Manchester United for £100 pound back in the '70's, believes that Kerry and Dublin were the supremely fit Gaelic football teams of his time but the game of Gaelic football has evolved so much that they have moved ahead of Premier League stars in the fitness stakes.

"If I look at the game today, I can tell you, there is no doubt about it that gaelic footballers here - I have no doubt in saying this - are fitter than the Premiership players," Moran says.

"It's the way the game has changed. The game has changed here so much in terms of, you know, you must remember that Croke Park is 160 by 110 and there's an awful lot of running. Your full back is as capable of scoring points as your corner forward is."