Marcel Desailly says Cantona does not help the football world and discusses Benzema's omission

The former French defender gives his thoughts on the squad selection by Didier Deschamps

Marcel Desailly discussed Didier Deschamps' squad selection with Ger at the Off The Ball Roadshow and believes that there is an answer for every decision that Deschamps has made.

There is a sense of drama within the French camp at the moment given Eric Cantona's comments regarding Deschamps' selection decision and how they are based on race.

Karim Benzema has been excluded from the squad based on the alleged blackmailing of a team-mate regarding a sex tape and the Real Madrid striker has rowed in behind Cantona in his declaration that the French squad is selected based on racial grounds.

Desailly, who is a friend of Deschamps, says of Cantona, "I don't understand Cantona. He comes out, I don't know from what box, we love him, but he comes every six or eight months. He doesn't help the football world really deep down.

"He is into cinema, he's into reportage, I don't know what he's doing."

"You have the answer, the answer is France. The French Federation have put themselves in a position that they could have access to all of what was going on in the court case from Benzema and Valbuena so they have seen everything."

"The French Federation, the coach have decided that, no, it's better to leave him out," Desailly continues.

"Yes, he is our top striker, we love him whatever, but it's too risky to bring a guy like this who had too much controversial things around him."