Roscommon fans abduct Emlyn Mulligan in an effort to subdue Leitrim's talisman

The Leitrim forward will need to be kept quiet on Sunday if Roscommon are to prevail

Roscommon have gone to unusual lengths in an effort to keep Emlyn Mulligan quiet for Sunday's Connaght showdown against Leitrim.

The Rossies have kidnapped the Leitrim star and won't be letting him out until after Sunday's game in a well orchestrated skit by a menswear company with a good sense of humour. 

Roscommon escaped a trip to New York in the opening round of the football championship by the skin of their teeth and have had to improvise in how they deal with their opponents' attacking prowess.

One of the Rossie lads can be heard shouting "none of your fancy outside of the boot stuff this weekend, Mulligan!"

Before they lock the door, they tell Mulligan he won't be getting out until Sunday evening.

EJ Menswear have accepted full responsibility for the mock kidnapping.