Pittsburgh Steelers robot technology looks like something from a horror movie

The Steelers are using the technology in an effort to reduce injury

An entire NFL season can be jeopardized by an injury during training camp. That's why the Pittsburgh Steelers are practising with robot tackling machines in an effort to reduce contact and repetitive action during their drills. 

From Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys using drones to film practice to Chip Kelly, formerly of the Philadelphia Eagles, using radio-controlled cars, the NFL has become a league filled with innovation.

Since real tackling has been banned at training by many teams and with many injuries to the knees caused by repetitive cutting and weaving, coach Mike Tomlin of the Steelers has decided to use technology created by Dartmouth University's Thayer School of Engineering. 

Tomlin says the robots are "an awesome piece of technology."

"I am always interested in ways to utilize technology in terms of teaching football," Tomlin told the team website. "We are excited to get a close look at it. ... It never gets tired. It runs at an appropriate speed. All of the position groups are getting an opportunity to use it," he continued.

The robots can run a 40-yard dash in five seconds and can replicate the moves of a top running back including cutting, weaving and closing in on opponents.

It is reminiscent of a horror movie with a bad guy you can't seem to get away from.