NASCAR driver arrested in massive tobacco smuggling ring

The tobacco smuggling ring was the largest in North American history

NASCAR driver arrested in massive tobacco smuggling ring

Picture by: Ralph Freso / AP/Press Association Images

A NASCAR driver was one of 60 people arrested as part of the largest tobacco smuggling ring in North American history. 

Derek White, who has competed in 22 races in the Xfinity Series, turned himself in after learning of a warrant out for his arrest in relation to investigations surrounding the smuggling ring. 

According to Fox, the charges against White include conspiracy to commit fraud against the government, fraud against the government and profiteering as a criminal organization.

Image: Cheryl Senter / AP/Press Association Images

The smuggling ring is accused of transporting tobacco across the border into Canada, originating in North Carolina, and that the shipments were not taxed as they were not declared. According to Bloomberg, authorities claim that the profits were then used to buy cocaine and other drugs, while some of the money may have made its way to Europe to be laundered.

Authorities estimate that the smuggling ring, which had been under invstigation since 2014, may have cost the Canadian government about $530 million in taxes. 

Via Fox, Bloomberg